martes, 3 de diciembre de 2013

Actividad en inglés en el tercer ciclo.

El pasado viernes dedicamos el día a realizar distintas actividades en inglés. Aquí podéis ver alguna de ellas.

3 comentarios:

  1. We are 5th grade A. We like this activity because it's very funny. in these pictures we are doing different activities in English. We are listening and participating in the Oliver Twist story, we are singing and dancing English songs in a karaoke, we are assisting to a puppet theatre play, we are participating and listening The three little pigs tale and finally we are going around London watching a video about some famous places in London like the Big Ben. We aren´t in the magic acitivity, what a pity!!! We hope you enjoy the pictures as we did the activities.

  2. We are 5th grade B. It´s a great acitivity because we learn a lot of English and we play lots of games. We want to learn the magic tricks secrets because we like it very much. We like also the puppet theatre story about a dragon and a princess.It´s an unforgetable day for all of us.Thank you very much and lots of kisses.

  3. We are 5th grade C. We like very much the magician because he does imposible things. We like the puppet theatre too and the Oliver Twist story. We are having a very good time this morning. We aren,t in the karaoke activity although we have a fantastic time. We travel around London and see the Big Ben, the Natural History Museum, the London Eye and the Theme Park. See you in the next English activity. Kisses.